5 keys to selling

Five Keys to Selling

At any time in the economic cycle but especially in the current trying times, it is up to the salesman to go out into the world and bring back the orders for the business to fulfil. This can be a daunting task at the best of times and now to help you with that task is “5 Keys to Selling” an e-book by Geoffrey Prince.

Geoffrey is a salesman of some renown whose long and distinguished career has encompassed some of the large and small fish in the business world. What is more important is that he has developed a number of sales teams, mentored the salespeople and given many enlightening presentations on the art and science of selling.

5 Keys to Selling”is targeted at both sales people and their managers. We are all salespeople! As anyone running a small business will realise, they are their chief salesperson and so this book is for them also.“Five Points to Business Selling” takes you through Attitude, Prospecting, Planning and Time-Management, Targeting and finally your Selling System

Attitude: “Your Attitude determines your Attitude”. Geoffrey explains why one needs the right attitude, what that attitude should be and how to achieve it.Prospecting: “Filling your Prospecting Bucket”. Here is where one learns the importance of having a Prospecting Bucket and the need to keep it topped up, even in the good times. Do you know who or where all your prospects are?Planning &Time-Management: “Time saved is extra money earned”. We all are only blessed with 24 hours in a day and to make full use of that time we need to allocate our efforts where they can be most effective. How much time do you spend going to non-appointments? Geoffrey gives guidance on this very topic.Targeting: “Know your audience”. Even the most challenging and difficult objectives lose their menace when they are reduced down to well defined targets. Here is where Geoffrey helps one define and break down your targets.Selling System: “The Four Gears of Selling”. To be successful one needs a system to help you manage not only who you target and when you target but also how you target businesses and how you handle this interaction. Geoffrey uses his experiences and expertise to lead you through a structured system to increase your efficiency and to make yourself more profitable.

So, with all these useful hints and tips from a master salesman mentor and teacher,

Why not get your copy of 5 Keys to Selling”now?

It will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

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